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Are you looking for unique flavours that will take you to places and memories you'll never forget?

Are you a true GOURMAND?

Gourmandisse is the main feature of those who appreciate highly refined products and meant for those whose best life experiences are at the dinner table surrounded by family and friends. Gourmandisse is a way of life and certainly you’ll want to share it too!
We are fine food lovers so we searched the whole country looking for the best handmade delicacies, selected the ones that we found to be unique and combined them together. The result was a mouth fulled flavours.
Are you tempted to try one of our recipes? Surprise your friends and family with a Portuguese home cooked meal!

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About Us

After visiting several countries in the last years, during our journeys, the thing we missed the most was our Portuguese flavored food.
Having academic and professional background in the food industry, we were more aware of a huge gap – the almost inexistence of Portuguese products abroad.
So we decided to create the CherryCoast company.
Our goal is to select and promote fine food and beverage, that we know so well, and make them visible to the world.
Our challenge is to add value to traditional Portuguese fine food, combining them together and promoting our rich culinary. This is the real essence of Gourmandisse concept. Exploring this unique and diverse culinary, inspired by our world exploring history.
Our goal is to help the world understand our culture through our food and the way we enjoy it.

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Gourmandisse Products

We are passionate about flavour experience, so we searched all over our country for the best artisan Portuguese products. After the difficult task of selecting the exceptional, we decided that the best way to provide you the real experience was to combined them.
So we developed Gourmandisse Gift boxes. Inside each box you can find some of these unique handmade products, that combined in a recipe (included in the box) you can experience a true Portuguese culinary experience.
You'll be involved by the colours, smell and tastes that will carry you to the south coast environment.
Taste, enjoy and share our Gourmandisse Gift boxes!

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